Bigshockd of LPC Hustla started Golden Tag Clothing on the 21th of May in 2016 with Seika of Mocha Girls. When Bigshockd was looking for Partner for a New Clothing line in Philippines, "It was at that point when we became friends and started to talk about him getting involved with Golden Tag", Says Bigshockd.

Bigshockd had a concept with artwork. Both Seika and Bigshockd started with Hoodie that they had bought from people on the streets and factories. Bigshockd was designing first Graphics and Seika started Promoting Golden Tag get feedback for the hoodies first design. Inspired by his graffiti background Bigshockd wanted to use strong graphics that speak for themselves.

Most graphics were Aztec and Mayan influenced Luxury Design. This is how they came up with the name Golden Tag Clothing.

They started working with Hoodie who made hip hop inspired graphics. Golden Tag’s start was rough but Bigshockd and Seika pulled through it and succeeded in making Golden Tag successful. 

Angel "Bigshockd" Diego III 
"Businessman & Rapper"
Seika Samonte Hashizume 
"Dancer & Rapper"